Each year, vaccination saves up to 3 million lives

At Sanofi our priority is to provide vaccines to protect people's health. We have a diverse portfolio of high-quality vaccines for children, adolescents and adults against influenza, meningitis, travel and endemic diseases. We are a world leader in influenza and paediatric vaccines and the first worldwide supplier of an injectable polio vaccine.

We have made it our mission to make the process of ordering our vaccines as seamless as possible so that you can provide your patients with the protection they need quickly and easily.
By providing a user-friendly online ordering platform with access to an ever-increasing range of vaccines, our aim is to be a trusted partner to service your vaccine needs.

World class manufacturing capability

Each year, Sanofi manufactures 1 billion vaccine doses to immunise 500 million people worldwide. We believe in a world in which no-one suffers or dies from a vaccine-preventable disease. In order to achieve this goal, we have an ongoing investment programme in our already world class production capabilities.

Sanofi has major production facilities in France, the US, Argentina, Canada, China, India, Mexico and Thailand, giving us the capability to meet demands for both current and new vaccines.

The vaccine journey

Manufacturing vaccines is a complex journey, it can take up to 36 months to produce, package and deliver high quality vaccines to those who need them. We continually adapt the production process to satisfy evolving regulatory demands that can vary country by country.

1. Cell culture

Infectious germs are grown and harvested to generate antigens for the vaccine

2. Purification and inactivation

All impurities are removed. The antigen is then inactivated (or weakened)

3. Antigen assembly

Vaccines can contain up to 9 different antigens, each of these is produced separately

4. Formulation

The antigen is mixed with other ingredients (adjuvants) to ensure stability and enhance the immune response

5. Filling and freeze-drying

The vaccine is filled into a vial or pre-filled syringe, this can be freeze-dried for storage before being packaged

6. Packaging

The vial or pre-filled syringe is labelled and packed in accordance with country-specific regulatory requirements

7. Batch release

After passing quality control, the national regulatory authority gives the final authorisation to release the product for distribution

Quality assured

70% of the time it takes to produce a Sanofi vaccine is dedicated to quality control. The vaccines undergo several hundreds of tests before they leave our manufacturing plants and each batch is tested at every step of its journey. So you can be sure that the Sanofi vaccines you provide for your patients are of the highest quality and are manufactured and tested in accordance with the correct procedures.

Once in use, the vaccines continue to be monitored for safety via our pharmacovigilance system.


Ensuring cold chain delivery

Sanofi has measures in place to ensure that the cold chain is respected at every stage from vaccine production, transportation and storage, right through to the moment of its use. Control numbers are assigned in order to verify that the correct conditions have been maintained throughout the journey from the manufacturing site to your clinic.




Responsive vaccine production

Every year, the composition of QIV, the Sanofi influenza vaccine, is adapted according to the dominant influenza strains in circulation so that it can offer the best possible protection.

Sanofi is a world leader in the production of influenza vaccines, with over 200 million doses delivered in 2017.

Flu vaccine production process for the northern hemisphere

Should an influenza pandemic occur, the facilities at the Sanofi manufacturing sites are able to switch production of seasonal vaccines to a new vaccine specifically designed to counter the influenza pandemic.


The heritage of Sanofi dates back more than 130 years. We are a truly global company based on innovation, scientific rigor and international synergies.